Sustainability and sustainable sourcing are important to Sun Gate Botanicals.

How Most Wild-Harvested Herbs Are Collected

Most wild-harvested herbs are collected without regard for the long-term effects on the species in question or the environment. Many widely used plants with potential health benefits are threatened and in danger of going extinct. In addition, other plants are not available as a result of protective legislation. These problems are widespread across the globe.

How Sun Gate Botanicals Supports Sustainable Sourcing and Healthy Harvesting

Sun Gate Botanicals strives to reverse this trend. First, we support sustainable projects that use ecologically friendly methods of farming and harvesting. Second, we work with our partner farms to promote a culture of naturecrafting. This practice helps prevent over-harvesting by teaching and encouraging natural setting cultivation. It also encourages respect for the life of the plant and the use of sustainable techniques like root dividing, pruning, and seed collection and re-planting.

Finally, we support local programs that create value in sustaining the environment rather than abusing it. One such program helps reverse expanding desertification in the Gobi.

Sustainable Sourcing (More About Naturecrafting)

Our philosophy extends to our commitment to naturecrafting. Naturecrafting is a hybrid process that combines the best elements of wildcrafting and traditional cultivation of plants and herbs.

We believe in sustainably collecting our seed stock from plants in their natural environment. This process guarantees genetic diversity (vs. a cloned monoculture). Further, it helps to guarantee that we collect the most active plants and highly evolved phytochemicals. (Phytochemicals are biologically active compounds found in plants.)

In addition, our sources manage cultivation to minimize environmental impacts. First, this process ensures proper species identification (after all, many plants look alike). Second, it reinforces quality control. Third, it syncs harvest scheduling with peak value periods. Finally, organic farming methods eliminate pesticides and contaminants.

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